The stage has now been reached where it is imperative for the Trust to acquire suitable premises to house its collection and workshops if it is to achieve its objectives. The readily restored vehicles promised to the Trust would enable the museum to start operating almost immediately. Moreover, once suitable premises are secured, the Trust would then be in a position to apply for EU funding to restore its premises and to assist with employment of vehicle restoration experts in order to further its objectives.

The vehicles are currently stored in the old Metalfond sheds at the end of the runway at Hal Far. These sheds are on temporary loan from Malta Enterprise (formerly Malta Industrial Parks). Whilst these constitute excellent premises, the Trust has been informed that they are temporary and that they may need to be vacated at short notice. This would essentially mean that the historic collection would be left homeless and therefore could easily be lost.

It is also hoped that suitable premises would entice private collectors to loan their vehicles for display in the museum, further adding to the size of the collection and exposing vehicles that are rarely, if ever seen by the general public. The Board of Trustees has identified a number of possible sites that the Government could consider leasing to the Trust as a possible site for the Museum:

Ta' Qali

(Former Southern Concrete site
opposite Malta
Aviation Museum
[Doc A])


(Former MT Sheds
either near AFM Base [Doc B] or near former Helicopter Pad towards the White Rocks area [Doc B1])

Hal Far

(Former RN Hangars either near CPD Headquarters
[Doc D1] or former Metalfond site at the
end of the Runway
[Doc D2])
These sites are not listed in order of preference. Moreover, the Trust is naturally open to any suggestions that the Government may care to put forward.