About us

The Malta Historic Vehicle Trust (VO111) was established in February 2007 by means of statute by Mario Zammit, George Said, Malcolm Mifsud and Martin Galea with the objective to acquire, restore and exhibit to the public, vehicles that have a historic and social significance to Malta. The Trust, which is independent, was set up under the auspices of Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna (Malta Heritage Trust) with the objective of establishing a Museum that will celebrate over a century of Road Transport in Malta.

Mission Statement

It is felt by the Trustees that an organization such as the Malta Historic Vehicle Trust, through its museum will have much to offer to Malta, both by way of education as well as by way of development and preservation of an important part of Malta's cultural heritage.

The establishment of this museum is the obvious next step, especially when one considers the evident resurgence of interest in Malta's industrial heritage. It will also serve to attract a different class of tourism to Malta. The Trust is confident that it will receive the full support of the Government of Malta in achieving its aims which, after all, will serve not only to safeguard another part of Malta's vast and comprehensive heritage, but will also give another dimension to Malta's tourism industry as a whole.